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Do you have 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or a little more? Most of us do. Use this time to take a walk toward emotional wellness. Grab a pen and paper, (doesn't have to be anything fancy) and begin writing a note to someone special to you. This is the next best thing to being there with your special friend or family member, by putting your thoughts in writing and giving them a gift to read over and over again. Yes, something special just from you. Once you begin your note the words will flow as you share your life and catch them up. Then as you address your envelope think about the joy they will receive when they see that hand written note from someone who truly cares. Imagine their surprise that this is a note especially for them, not a bill or junk flyer for everyone, but a note just for them from you.

There are days when I am blue for no real reason and I find this is the best time to sit down and connect with someone I care about. The gift of time is so valuable and so appreciated. It is often hard to see the value in what 5, 10, 15 or more minutes can do to lift you up and/or lift up someone else. This is a simple way to touch those you care about, an easy way to fill that emotional tank that can sit near empty some days.

I often talk about small changes, mini shifts and small habits that lead to a bigger outcome. This is a place where you can recharge emotionally one hand written note at a time. At first it will seem random but in time you might want to pick a day of the week to write 2-5 notes to those you want to stay connected with. This is great for family members, after all how many times do you make a business call to a stranger or pop off an email to someone you barely know, now switch your thinking to friends and family and make that time for just for them. A handwritten note is a special gift in these days of emails, tweets, Instagram and Face Book and other forms of electronic communication. You can even enhance the writing experience for writer and receiver by using special paper, stationery, or note cards. Using a favorite pen can also enhance the writing experience, and a touch of cologne can be another pleasant reminder of you for the recipient for a special personal touch.

Wellness isn't just about being physically fit, it also about being emotionally fit. Sometimes we feel isolated, this is a great way to stay or reconnect. I encourage you to pick up that pen and paper and start today on a road to emotional wellness.

Terri Mattson
Beginning Today Lifestyle Wellness

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