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Moving is one of those things in life that most people find stressful and overwhelming. As we age our needs, interests, and abilities change. Our housing needs change too. You might gradually discover that the home where you raised your family is now too big and too much for you to take care of. Maybe you feel a bit isolated and want a more active social life. Or maybe it is just time for a change. But moving seems like an overwhelming task and you don’t know where to start as you look around at all of the things you have accumulated over the last 20, 30, 40, or even 60 years.

Here’s the good news: there are companies that specialize in moving people, and they are there to help you. These companies are often referred to as “move management companies.” Some companies focus on the senior market and they are very familiar with issues that face seniors and their families during a move. They can help you through this important life step and ease the stress of preparing to move, moving, and getting settled again.

What does a move management company do?
The core services that are offered consist of space planning, sorting items, packing, moving and then unpacking and setting up the new home.

  • Creating a floor plan is the most important part of the senior move management process. An accurate layout insures appropriate clearances and familiar furniture layouts. From there, the senior move manager collaborates with the client to make decisions about which household items to keep and which ones to give to family donate, sell, etc. These decisions are difficult for many of us, but when done with an experienced and empathetic professional, it can be a motivating part of the process.
  • Having the move management team safely pack your items is the next step in the process. They bring all the packing materials. No need to gather boxes from the grocery or liquor store! All packing materials are removed at the end of moving day- no mess for you to clean up.

Imagine walking into your new home, at the end of the moving day to find your furniture arranged, your bed made, clocks set, toothbrush in place, your clothes hung in your closets, the kitchen organized, and even your remote control right where you left it, on your end table next to your recliner! It’s a time when people take a deep breath, smile, and say “I can’t believe you got all of this done!”

Why use a senior move management company?
Using a senior move management company allows you to focus on yourself or your loved one who is moving. Often families are living in different cities and many are working and busy with other commitments and do not have the time or expertise to help a loved one move.  The senior move manager streamlines the entire move process as they can be the single point of contact for everyone involved. They are always working in your best interest to reduce stress and save you time and money! They know how to make moves happen and can coordinate with all of the services you need to make the move including realtors, movers, storage facilities, estate sales professionals and the community you are moving into, or out of.

  • Working with you to prepare for the move the move management team can help you determine what will fit into your new home.  This eliminates the worry of finding places to put your things away, and prevents you from paying to move things that will not fit or tripping over furniture in over-crowded rooms.
  • During the move your move manager will direct all aspects of the move.  This relieves clients and their families of having to deal with details they might not have the time, energy, or expertise to handle and reduces their stress.

If you are planning to move, seriously consider hiring a senior move management company to help you. Most companies will provide a free estimate; the only cost for that is your time.

Article contributors:

Holly Hansen, Senior Partner – Brilliant Moves
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Cathy Matrejek, Managing Partner - Changing Lifestyle Solutions
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Amy Rottunda, Owner - House Language, LLC
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