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So, at long last, you are considering a move from your long-held home. Just thinking about the many decisions you will face probably has you feeling very overwhelmed. It is helpful to separate the challenges and details of moving into a few smaller steps.

Step One: Decide where to move. The absolute first and most important step is to decide where you will be living. If you have made that determination, congratulations! If this has not been determined, I recommend you tour a few senior communities to identify those that meet your needs now and in the foreseeable future. When you find the one, or two, that you are comfortable with, place your name on the reservation list. With the opening of more and more senior communities you will soon find one that feels right and has your new apartment home ready for you. There are several companies that provide moving advice and coordination free of charge to you.

It is vital to confirm the guaranteed date when your new home will be ready for you. This is not the time to move twice. It is often best to move before your home is listed for sale. It will make the entire moving process much easier if you are able to do so.

Step Two: Choose a real estate agent to represent you. A Realtor will guide you through the process of selling your home. You might even interview a few Realtors to find the one that is the best fit for you. Realtors will help you with getting the proper inspections conducted that may be required by your city, they may also have resources if you need any work performed to bring something up to code in your home.

Step Three: List your home. Your Realtor will review the market in your area and advise you on a listing price for you home. We are experiencing a “Seller’s Market” that is forecast to continue for the next several years. That means there are, and will continue to be, more buyers than sellers. Before you list your home, you will need to decide if you should make changes to your home or to sell it “as is.” Is it wise to spend the time and money on updating walls, carpets, kitchens or bathrooms? There is no guarantee that you will get those improvement costs back, much less assure you that your home will be worth much more or sell more quickly with these projects completed. It is the perfect time to offer your home in its “As Is” condition.

Step Four: Sell your home. Your Realtor will get your home listed on their company website as well as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to give your home maximum exposure. The Realtor’s company will also keep in touch with you regarding when private showings for individuals are schedule. When the potential buyers submits a Purchase Agreement to you, your real estate agent will review the offer with you and advise you on any counter offers or points you may want to make. Finally, there is the closing day. Your Realtor is there with you as you sign a number of documents and you walk out of closing with a nice big check! Mission accomplished.

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